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About Us

Dr. Rostowicz, Faibish & Co. law firm

The firm was founded in 1976 by Dr. Henryk Rostowicz, Adv. Rostowicz has authored numerous books in the field of urban real estate tax and the sole books on the subject of city property tax, known in Israel by the name of - “Municipal Arnona”. 

The firm is a leader in the field of city property tax, and is one of the leading law firms in the field of betterment tax, taxes related to construction of new buildings or the extension/modification of existing buildings (roads, sidewalks, sewerage etc.) and land appreciation tax. Other specialties include real estate, Class Action lawsuits, Mediation and commercial law, in Israel, Switzerland and France. 

Partners and the professional staff 

Dr. Henryk Rostowicz, Adv

Partner and the founder of the firm. Law degree from Tel Aviv University, Ph.D. in marketing real estate. Authored books on: Municipal property tax, Land appreciation tax, Betterment tax, Capital gains tax exemption for residential apartment, and has also co-authored books on Real estate Management and Israel Real Estate Appraisal. Authorities and lawyers consider him an expert in his field. 

Eran Faibish, Adv 

Partner & CEO. Law and Economics degree from Haifa University. Specializes in real estate, Municipal taxation (city property tax, betterment tax, taxes related to construction of new buildings or the extension/modification of an existing building etc.), Class Action lawsuits and commercial law in Israel, Switzerland and France. In his representation of private companies, public companies and local authorities, has gained a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience and is well known among those engaged in these fields. Also, Lectures at conferences and seminars. 

The firm employs lawyers with economic education and financial orientation. 

The firm works closely with economists, real estate appraisers, accountants and lawyers in Israel, Switzerland and France.



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